Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kayaking Cosumnes River Preserve

About 2-1/2 hours drive outside of the San Francisco Bay Area is this little hidden garden of Eden type of a gem, not far off Highway 5. Along the drive there, you see a lot of dry farm land and you wouldn't think there is this calm river with lush green banks.  We kayaked this river briefly (for about an hour) in our inflatable kayak when we were on our way to Sacramento. That's the beauty of inflatable kayaks - you can put 2 tandem kayaks in the trunk of a car.

This unrelated blog has some very nice photos of the Cosumnes River Preserve:

Here is the official site of the Cosumnes River Preserve:

And here is the exact location as described by the California Kayak Put-In Index. Beware that after you click on the "View Large Maps" link, make sure to look for the green arrow by zooming out and panning around. For some reason, Google Maps doesn't always start at the correct location, but the green arrow is the correct put-in location.

Kevin T
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