Friday, June 11, 2010

Awesome Places to Kayak According to Tom Stienstra

This his 2008 article, Euphoria Along the Waterfront - Kayaking Across the Bay Area, outdoor journalist Tom Stienstra talks about all things kayak. Here are his picks of great places to kayak in the San Francisco Bay Area:
  • The prettiest sunset - spring evening in the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta
  • The first time spotted a peregrine falcon - in the Napa-Sonoma Marsh
  • The first time a sea otter pop up only a foot away - Elkhorn Slough
  • Irreplaceable moments - near Angel Island in San Francisco Bay and going into the calm waters of Ayala Cove, entering Emerald Bay at Lake Tahoe
  • The easiest places to try kayaking - Sea Trek's beach in Sausalito, South Beach in San Francisco (and then paddling into McCovey Cove), Pillar Point Harbor in Half Moon Bay, Elkhorn Slough at Moss Landing and Tomales Bay out of Inverness
  • The best spots for bird-watching - the Napa-Sonoma Marsh, the delta, Petaluma River, Suisun Marsh and lower South Bay out of Alviso
  • For wildlife - Tomales Bay seeing the elk at Pierce Ranch, Elkhorn Slough for the sea otters
  • Overall beauty - Drake's Estero at Point Reyes
  • Bay Area lakes with kayak rentals: Lake Merritt in Oakland, San Pablo Reservoir near El Sobrante, Lake Chabot near San Leandro, Lake Elizabeth in Fremont, Shadow Cliffs Lake in Pleasanton, Del Valle Reservoir near Livermore and Lake Cunningham in San Jose
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