Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kayak Lower American River

The lower American River appears to be a nice easy run, suitable for an fun trip on a kayak.

Here is a very well done video and article by the Sacramento Bee documenting a paddle down the lower American River:

A good article in the Sacramento Parent Magazine:!%20Kayaks%20Ahoy!.htm

Excellent write up on CA Creeks for the Lower American River:

Nice detailed map of the American River Parkway, with facilities located along Lower American River. Zoom in really big to see the details. Because the map has so much details, I haven't figure out how to print it out on multiple sheets of papers.  The map has too large to see on a single sheet of paper.

Another descriptive story from the Sacramento Bee:

When I do a new river for the first time, I like to follow the route that rafter take.  I do this for several reasons:

1. It guarantees that there will be plenty of raft traffic so in case of an equipment problem, help easier to get
2. I can read the description of the raft run to judge the level of difficulty
3. There is always a shuttle that takes rafters back to the starting point
4. I may have friends who don't own a kayak and would like to rent a raft to do the trip together

The River Rat offers all of the above benefits. The shuttle service is $4, but I haven't verified whether they will take someone who did not rent a raft from them:

There's even a map showing the trip. It's quite fuzzy, but it appears that:

Put-in: Sunrise Blvd
Take-out: William B. Pond Recreation Area at the end of Harrington Drive/Kingsford Road
Distance: about 8 miles


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  1. This is a really great beginner river run for IKers and other paddleboaters. Here are some more maps and links to boating information for the lower American River:
    American River Lower Run Guide for Paddleboaters.
    American River Parkway Directory - Recreation & Conservation.