Thursday, June 10, 2010

Kayaking in the Sacramento San Joaquin River Delta

The California Delta is a huge body of water formed by the confluence of the Sacramento and San Joaquin rivers: 11,000 sq. miles total area, 70 islands, and 700 miles of waterway.  I don't know about you, but I think that a body of water deserves to be explored, particularly if it has islands and marshes. Amazingly enough, outside of a few isolated references, there is a total lack of write ups about this huge area.

One of these day, I will be out there exploring the area in my inflatable kayak, but for now, I'm settling for collecting what little information other have written about it:

[1] Kayak from Discovery Bay to Orwood Resort

This is probably one of the best, if not the best, description of kayaking in the California Delta. Discovery Bay is a nice 1/2 day of exploration on its own, the waterways reminds me of the Foster City Lagoon.  Anyway, this paddle starts from Discovery Bay and ends up at a restaurant at Orwood Resort.

[2] Euphoria Along the Waterfront - Kayaking Across the Bay Area

This 2008 article by outdoor journalist Tom Stienstra mentions Suisan Marsh in the Delta as the best place for bird-watching:

[3] California Delta Chamber and Visitor's Bureau

They have a short but nice description of place to kayak in the Delta.  This is the list:

(1) Sevenmile Slough
(2) Old River
(3) Middle River
(4) Cosumnes River
(5) Mokelumne River
(6) Lost Slough
(7) Brannan Island State Park's guided canoe program

The description text is in the middle of their web page, so scroll down or search for "kayak" on the page:



  1. Hey,
    I live in Sac (Elk Grove) area and amd just saw your blog. I am not sure if you are still running the blog, but if you are, was wondering if you have been able to explore Sac a bit more?
    I am brand new to kayaking and looking for some feedback to where to start. I am going on my first journey to Consumnes River this weekend...wish me luck!

  2. Hello,

    I am in the San Francisco Bay Area and only sometimes venture out to the Sacramento area. I recommend joining a very active kayak Meetup group in the Sacramento area called the Sacramento Paddle Pusher. They have a lot of paddle events going on and almost something every weekend.