Monday, March 7, 2011

Dry bag for kayaking

The time that I realized that I need a dry bag was when my son and I kayaked down Stanislaus River. Usually we like to kayak rivers in 100 degree weather, so we don't even think of needing a dry bag, or any extra clothing. However, this day was around 80 degrees and my son got a bit cold while we were on the river. He eventually warmed up basking in the sun, but it made me I realize that I need extra clothing and towel that are not wet from all the splashing.

Below is the dry bag I ended up buying. It's not too expensive; is just the right size for one or two people (perfect for my tandem inflatable kayak). This Attwood large dry bag is very sturdily made and the blue see-through plastic makes finding things inside easy. I've put many nautical miles on it since I got it last summer.


  1. I am always a fan of Attwood products. Looks like their dry bag will be very useful for my kayaking and white water rafting activities.

  2. The blue see-through is a great choice. I highly recommend people don't buy either a black or clear dry bag. If the dry bag somehow becomes detached from your boat and floats down stream, a black or clear dry bag stuffed with dark items (like a jacket) is very difficult to see. Brighter colors are much better. Also, it's difficult to see inside a black dry bag when searching the contents, unless it's lined with a white liner.