Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pathfinder kayak manufacturer still provides support

When the sole distributor of my favorite kayaks, Pathfinder, discontinued their marine product line, I thought any support for my Pathfinder kayaks are gone.  However, I was pleasantly surprised that the Pathfinder's manufacturer still supports the boat and they have a North America office located in Vancouver, Canada.

The skegs on my Pathfinders kept disappearing. A few were lost in shallow muddy waters. One was broken when I tried to install it. So lately I was worried that I may have to buy new kayaks since the Pathfinders don't track straight without the skegs.

So I found the manufacturer's website and sent them an email asking if I can buy more skegs. Got a reply the next day. Yes, they will sell me skegs at $9 each plus shipping. Problem solved.

The Pathfinder boats are remarkably sturdy, but the accessories are not. Go figure. But they are still the best boat for the money.

Here is the manufacturer's website:


  1. Hello and greetings from Greece. Kevin, thanks for the interesting blog. I use a pathfinder myself and never regretted purchasing it (although I agree about the accessories). In fact, the past few months I had an injured knee and taking it out on the sea was the highlight of my summer. Such fun it is (injury or not). Next task is to find a lake to take it to (once I get the time). Keep the info coming.

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